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Diabetes Control and Reversing Heart Disease

Diabetes Seminar

A free diabetes seminar, in your area, has to be arranged by a group of diabetics or an organization through sending a request. The seminar date will be scheduled through mutual agreement.  

Dr. RK will convince the diabetics in this 1-hour seminar, with his own proven techniques, that it is unbelievably simple and easy to control diabetes permanently, and that it is possible to reverse coronary heart disease and to live like a normal person forever. All you need is motivation. He will reveal his own diabetic research results.

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Diabetes Breakthrough: A new diabetes control treatment illustrated in this book "Permanent Diabetes Control" lowered blood glucose levels after eating, stabilized the average blood glucose level, caused the hemoglobin A1c level to drop from a high risk 12% to a stunning 6.2%, and then to an amazing 5.0%, and reversed critical heart disease without bypass surgery.




Diabetes Self Management Education
Diabetes Seminar Covers the Following Topics



What Is Diabetes?


Where Is the Pancreas Located and How It Causes Diabetes?
The Endocrine Function of Pancreas


How People Are Diagnosed With Diabetes?
Diabetes Insipidus Causes


What Are the Long Term Side Effects of Diabetes?


How To Treat Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes?


What are Hemoglobin A1c Levels and Hemoglobin Red Blood Cells?


How the A1c Test Reveals the Degree of Diabetes Control?


Can the Hemoglobin A1c Levels Be Measured At Home Without an A1c Meter? (Yes!)


How To Calculate Fat Protein Carb Calories in Meals?
How To Calculate, Cut and Optimize An Insulin Dose?


What Are The Multiple Benefits of Exercise after Eating?
****** Diabetes Control Case Study ******


How Dr. RK Achieved Permanent Diabetes Control?


How Other Diabetics Could Benefit From His Work?
(Applicable To People With Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes)


P.S.: Free Seminar is possible only locally within a distance of 60 Km from Vancouver area, British Columbia, Canada. For locations beyond 60 Km, travel expenses will be charged to the customers or organizations.  Dr. RK is willing to offer seminar in Canada, USA or any other country as long as the seminar is scheduled through mutual agreement.




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