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Diabetes Control and Reversing Heart Disease

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Diabetes Continuing Education

There are approximately 425 million adults (ranging 20-79 years of age) living with diabetes. By the year 2045 t

his number will rise to 629 million. Another 352 million people were at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Diabetes caused at least 727 billion dollars (USD) in health expenditure in 2017, about 12% of total spending bill on adults. Every day another 2200 people are diagnosed with diabetes in USA alone.

Many of them substantially lack diabetes self management education. They are not aware of how to control diabetes naturally, how to lower A1c levels and  about coronary heart disease facts. Our goal is to spread the good news of this diabetes control method, presented in this book titled "Permanent Diabetes Control" to help educate and motivate people with diabetes to the point where they are able to control diabetes themselves. Your money will be utilized to distribute free books and educate diabetic people who need help.

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towards continuing the diabetes education.

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